correct colour from ICC profiling

Ensuring that your digital prints, screenprints or litho prints are the right colour.
Colour management (CM) for screenprint, flexo, litho & inkjet prepress - in CM all colours are referenced to a theoretical model (Lab). In this way, the RGB of a monitor can be converted to the CMYK of a printer with minimum error. This is done via ICC profiles, text files aka Look-Up Tables (LUTs), which contain a database of CMYK and RGB values relating to the LAB colour that they produce. If you have a colour in your DTP programme, the CM module converts to RGB values for the monitor and to CMYK for the printer. In this way you can 'soft-proof' the job on your monitor, produce a digital proof on your printer and have confidence that the finished job will look as expected.

progressive proofing with Wasatch SoftRIP
There are limitations to the process, your eye can see a vast array of colours, a photograph slightly less, a monitor much less and a CMYK print a small fraction of the total. Dealing with the 'out of gamut' colours can be the difference between success and failure. Positivity can produce high quality ICC profiles and guide you through the correct usage. We can explain the limitations and give you the tools to minimise them. Produce Progressive Proofs to guide your press: Produce the cyan plate, cyan/magenta plate etc. Your pressman can't make a mistake! Print screenprint proofs from your imagesetter Wasatch RIP with actual halftone patterning relating to your screens. Use Spot Colour Replacement and a Colour Atlas to get Pantone colours correct.