These are some real quotations cropped from our mailbox from users of our SelectJet and Copyjet Film systems, successfully using our products and services every day. Our clients make our best salesmen:

Wow, tremendous, what a service. If you ever need a testimony for your website or similar advertising relating to your brilliant service just let me know. Thanks again Very much appreciated MM Glasgow

The ones you made seem super dense compared to the ones I used at xxxxxx Print Studio earlier in the year NH London

machine is ace, very pleased with it AM Somerset

I've said it plenty of times before but your speed of service is unparalleled. Blisteringly quick. IP Birmingham

Just wanted to say we have received the artwork and they are just perfect. Thank you for all your help DP London

Thanks for the prompt work & postage of the xxxxxxxx films on Saturday. They arrived this morning. Great service & thanks again MM Glasgow

Really happy with them, thanks a lot. I'll be ordering more in the coming week SO London

Just wanted to say we have received the artwork and they are just perfect. Thank you for all your help ~ will contact you as soon as the next batch is ready DBP London

Thanks for the prompt work & postage of the xxxxxx films on Saturday. They arrived this morning. Great service & thanks again MM Glasgow

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for your incredible rundown of stochastic printing. It really helped me understand the technique a lot more. IP Oxon

Your service and speed is second to none, David, thank you!

Thank you so much for a fantastic job.

Dear Positivity, I am more than impressed with the fast service (for what must be a relatively small job) I have received from you. I emailed the files yesterday and received films back this morning. Terrific Service. Thank you. J M. Llandeilo.

I received the positives today, perfect quality as always. Thanks for the quick delivery. JG Guernsey

its definately (sic) far darker than anything I have been able to manage with my laser printer, so many thanks for doing that for me its perfect.

Thank you for all your help since I started work in the office. You have been a big help to me when I needed it most. KC UK
Just to say a big thank you again for helping us out. Very much appreciated. Don't forget, if you ever need a customer testimonial, I'm more than happy to provide one! ID UK>
The K channel was a big success….. The film is as black as possible….. Thank you very very much. Hans Norway
Many many many Thanks! I've just managed to successfully print the artwork out thanks to you. I can't tell you what a big help that has been as I doubt I would have managed it by myself and the office has been crazed today to boot. So thanks for all your help today. KC Sheffield
Thanks for your time Dave!! I appreciate the effort very much!! Christy
I really appreciate it, thanks so much for your help! Your very talented! Drue
Thanks man, you're awesome. Let me know if you need anything for this -Ryan
The printer good Always we trust positivity is professional co also their team work Thx EB Egypt
Film and printer work great have just exposed some screens with good results. Thanks for all the help and advice. DP N.Wales
Our system is behaving perfectly gain now. It never needs a clean! GS Yorks
"Thank you Dave, I got it today, what service!" NS Suffolk
"My sincere thanks for your help through this nightmare. If I am in a position to recommend your services I will. I am actually glad I persevered, I almost binned the beast" EP Berwick
"Also just wanted to say a big thank you for the support and service you have given us for the past week or so, it has been much appreciated and has saved me a lot of major headaches." RC Bedford
M... is doing well on the machine having no problem with the machine and impressing both myself and my wife with the work he has done. The client is happy and very impressed with the film, we have done some really fine tints and work I did not think possible... I have been impressed with your level of customer service nothing appears too much hassle. SD Surrey
"Thank you for a brilliant system! I am thrilled to bits with it. We will be able to move up a gear in quality. It has exceeded my expectations already and I have only shot 2 films out." GE Sheffield
"Many thanks for sorting this out so quickly." IP Sheffield
"Yes - its worked! You were right - once I changed the reference profile to my CMYK profile, it has done the trick.  The colours are sweet - nice one :)" AH Leics.
"Before the Epson 4000 was installed our monthly spend on film was about £500 so you can see we are making a huge saving already plus we can use the printer's different LPI's to print much better half tones. This is also helping us as we'd have to farm out some of the half tone work to other printers or a graphics house for out putting onto film, we can now handle this in house." PD Staffs
"Yes, the icc profile is spot on thanks.  I'll be back for more soon!" RW ZA
"So we are very happy with this piece of kit." CD Stoke
"Thank you so much for talking " KC Yorks
"we have saved £30,000 over two years"> TJ Hants
"saving us a fortune" DK Notts
"You are always the person who always comes back to me, always understands our needs and always provides. If only all business standards were the same, nobody would have any concern.
Thank you for your continued efforts," IL Bedford