Positivity range of films for screenprint positives

Positivity are leading UK suppliers of Agfa SelectJet & CopyJet Screen Films at dealer prices, call 01793 686380 to discuss your requirements.
Plus a range of ink for large format Epson & Canon printers and our own range of Screen Positive Films.


Agfa CopyJet Sheets and Rolls
Agfa CopyJet A4 100 sheets 210x297mm EL8CN  
Agfa CopyJet A3 100 sheets 297x420mm EL8ER  
Agfa CopyJet A3+ 100 sheets 330x483mm EL8DP  
Agfa CopyJet A2 50 sheets 420x594mm EL8FT  
Agfa CopyJet 17" Roll 0.43x30.5m EQOYT
Agfa SelectJet Screen Separation Film (30.5m Rolls)
Agfa SelectJet 24" 0.61x30.5m ELNA3  
Agfa SelectJet 36" 0.914x30.5m ELNB5  
Agfa SelectJet 44" 1.118x30.5m ELNC7  
Agfa SelectJet 50" 1.27x30.5m ELNDA  
Agfa SelectJet 54" 1.37x30.5m ELNEC  
Agfa SelectJet 60" 1.52x30.5m EMGZ2  
Agfa SelectJet 62" 1.575x30.5m ELNFE

Since launching our own brand imagesetting film it has proved very popular, it's properties are very similar to Agfa but at a more competitive price.  Some users prefer it to Agfa.  It uses a 2" core rather than 3".  It is waterproof, instant drying and archiveable, a great film at a great price.
Positivity Screen Film
Positivity 17" Screen Film 0.43x30.5m PSF17  
Positivity 24" Screen Film 0.61x30.5m PSF24  
Positivity 36" Screen Film 0.914x30.5m PSF36  
Positivity 44" Screen Film 1.118x30.5m PSF44  
Positivity 60" Screen Film 1.52x30.5m PSF60