Positivity Learning Library:  
Use Power Clip in Corel Power Clip allows you to fill a shape with an image
Convert a jpeg to Vectorise in Corel Vectors give nice sharp lines, jpegs can look ragged.
Calculate Optimum Exposure Time How do you know that you are exposing your screens for the correct time.
Use Ghostscript and GhostView Free Postscript software - for geeks only.
Avoid Losing Details During Exposure Why you can lose elements on your positive during exposure
Separate Artwork to a PDF in Illustrator PDF is Postscript and a PDF printer can be used to separate artwork.
Understand How an ICC Profile Works ICC profiles explained
Anti-aliasing when screenprinting Why you shouldn't use anti-aliasing when designing
Trapping Making life easier for screenprinters
Wasatch Learning Library external links from www.wasatch.com (video starts automatically)
Spot Colour Replacement For colour printing - getting corporate colours right
Colour Atlas Generation Producing a colour book for your printer
Dynamic Layout SoftRIP Layout tool explained
Variable Data Useful for names and numbers on shirts
RIP Queues Organising queues in Wasatch
Wasatch ImageNet HTML remote RIP operation
Cost Estimation Counting the film used and the number of ink drops to work out cost
'Popping' Colour 1 Emphasising colour in your prints - 1
'Popping' Colour 2 Emphasising colour in your prints - 2
Wasatch Port Redirector Create a postscript file from any application
Print From a Mac How to link a Mac to the RIP
Hot Folders Automate file processing
Templates Automatically order files in your layout, useful for pad printing.