Output ~5m² @ 2400x1200dpi
Width 997mm
Height 1062mm on stand
Depth 698mm / 1100mm with basket open
Weight 56.7kg with stand
Power Usage 0.5W sleeping / 140W operating
Noise 46dB Based on ISO 7779
Connection USB/Ethernet
Film Type Waterproof PSF/Agfa
Ink Type Dye

Agfa CopyJet and Agfa SelectJet Small Format Imagesetter

Small format imagesetterA real workhorse of a printer, which will do the business for many years. A great format for textiles and other mid-format jobs up to about 110lpi. Call 01793 686 380 for a quotation or if you have any questions. high capacity CMYK inks good registration of films very low maintenance high Dmax Acetates

close up of control panel imagesetterA1/60cm wide x 30.5m 110lpi spot colour Colour Posters 2400x1200dpi can handle up to 1.5mm boards We give on-site training and telephone support open 14 hours/day every day so you aren't alone with any problems. It's so easy to get high quality positives from your printer.